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After getting a few questions recently regarding editing and resolution, I realized that there are a couple things that aren't very clearly advertised to potential customers on the Cass Imaging website. The first thing is the quality of the photographs we take. I held back no costs when starting Cass Imaging, purchasing some of the best and newest equipment out there. You might not care all that much about what kind of camera the photographer you hire is using, but let me explain that there is a big difference between an 8 megapixel camera and the two 36 megapixel cameras that we use. You want high resolution? At 36MP you can see each individual strand of hair, each eye lash, you can even see a reflection of me taking your photo if you look close enough in your lie. But, at the same time, with that much resolution and detail, every tiny little blemish can be seen, which can be pretty scary to some people, which is why I take the time that I do to edit each photo. How much do I edit? Well that depends on the customer. Every photo gets lightly edited, keeping detail where its important such as your eyes and hair, then slightly smooth away and take out some of the detail our where its not important, such as your skin. 

When choosing Cass Imaging, it's more than just getting your picture taken, its about the experience. From the moment we start planning your shoot until the photos up on the Cass Imaging website in your personal gallery, we make it as fun, easy, and comfortable for you as we can. Not everyone naturally looks like a model, not even the ones you see on magazine covers, but most of the time they have awesome photographers that make them look that way. With a little help from us on the day of your shoot, and a little editing to make you look your best, our goal is to make you look better than you ever have before and looking forward to your next shoot with us.

I managed to find 3 beautiful models willing to show their before and after photographs, letting me photograph them without their makeup on in the studio before any makeup was applied or editing was done. I wanted to demonstrate what the Cass Imaging experience is all about, and just how good we can make you look. I had each model show up without any makeup and sat them down to take one 36 megapixel shot of each of them, showing every little blemish and pore in their skin, an idea that would have most ladies running for the hills. Here is how they looked 100% all-natural, straight out of the camera. 


Ad-1 Ad-3 Ad-4 Cass Imaging has a professional make-up artist available upon request, which can be added to any package. Make-up is important, but even makeup mistakes can be fixed in the post processing, we suggest not putting too much emphasis on it. I had each model apply a little makup, nothing crazy, than I sat each one back down in front of the camera and worked with them to get a simple headshot, with a slight smile. Each one of these shots was fully processed and edited the same way I edit every client image, bringing the details out where they are needed, and smoothing them out where they aren't.

Ad-5 Ad-4 Ad-1

After the first headshot, I showed each model a close up, zoomed in shot from the back of the camera, and sent them back to make any makeup touch ups that they may want to make. Different than most photographers, I like to show you what you look like after a couple shots, giving you an idea of how you look. It makes it a lot easier for you to understand the direction Im giving you if you can see what Im seeing. Each model came and sat back down in front of the camera, this time I wanted to get a shot of them a little more playful, more of a laugh than a smile, each one looking completely natural and not fake or staged. Nothing is worse than a photograph of a forced smile, or fake laugh. I make sure that each and every photograph I give you shows your natural self, which is why you will never hear me ask you to "SMILE"...never!

Ad-2 Ad-1 Ad-1 I won't go into the details about our post processing and editing, but I will tell you that we know what we're doing. There are a lot of tricks that we use that give us an edge over our competition, tricks that will make your photographs really stand out. One editing trick we use really makes a photograph is a's all in the eyes. 

Ad-6 Ad-8 Ad-10 Just for a little fun, the girls wanted to demonstrate how frustrating it can be when you get your photos back from someone other than Cass Imaging, and they don't turn out the way you wanted them to...

Ad-1 Ad-7 Ad-11 So, to wrap up this shoot, I wanted to emphasize three reasons to go with us over our competition when it comes to the actual shoot itself. The first reason is that we LISTEN. We work with you to before and during your shoot, listening and using your ideas and input. A lot of photographers do things their way, and only their way, leaving you stuck with photos that may not look the way you want, with nothing unique to your style and taste. 


The Second reason is that we talk to you. We talk to you throughout the entire shoot, helping you pose and feel comfortable in front of the camera. A lot of other photographers expect you to know what your doing and leave you on your own with posing and facial expressions. We take our time and don't rush you, talking you through each pose, making it as easy as we can for you to look and feel your best. It is never the clients fault if a photo doesnt come out, whether it be for a bad pose or awkward expression, it's our responsibility to make you look your best, not yours. 

Ad-13 The Third reason is that we make it so we know exactly how you want to look. We always show our clients the back of the camera after a few shots, showing you how you look, and asking you to explain any changes you want to make. Rather than leaving everything to our judgement, no one knows you better than you, so sometimes what you think your showing us isnt what is being photographed. Seeing how you look on camera helps make you aware of little things you may want to do differently or fix for the next shot. This technique has been a big hit with our customers.

Ad-15 Here are some quick side by sides of the before and after shots.

Ad-2 Ad-1 The clean up...well, that's on you.



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