• When do I pay?

​We prefer that you pay on the day of your shoot, unless other arrangements are made prior. We accept cash, checks, and credit cards. 

  • When will I recieve my images?

Within 2 weeks of your shoot. Depending on how busy we are it could be sooner, but we guarantee within two weeks.

  • How many images will I receive?

Depending on the package, the number of delivered images will vary. If the package offers a range such as 15-30 images, you will receive a minimum of 15 images, and we will give you as many that come out, to our standards. Some images aren't edited and delivered for a number of reasons. The focus may be off, you may have blinked, the lighting could have been bad, etc. We will only deliver the images that meet our standards.

  • Can I have all the photos taken, even the ones you don't edit?

We will only deliver the images that we edit, we will not deliver every single image we take on the day of the shoot. If there is an image that you feel we forgot, you are more then welcome to ask us about as we may have accidentally not uploaded it to the gallery, but most likely it wasn't delivered for a reason. Please do not ask us for un-edited images. Please trust our judgement on which photos came out and which didn't.

  • How do you deliver the images once they are ready?

Once the images are fully edited and ready to be delivered, there is a process that is followed. The images are uploaded to a gallery in the Client Gallery section of the Cass Imaging website. Once all of the images are uploaded to the online gallery, a password is created for downloading so that only those with the password can download your images. Download rights are included in all packages. If a CD is purchased, it will be burned at this time, with the same images that are in the gallery. If a flash drive is purchased, the images will be uploaded to the flash drive. You are able to order prints directly from the gallery, or you can download the image and take it anywhere you like to have the images printed. The quality will always be better when ordered from the Cass Imaging site as the images are higher resolution. When you download them, they are a smaller file size which is perfect for email and Facebook, but not ideal for printing. If you purchased the flash drive, the images will be high-resolution also. 

  • Do I receive a CD?

​CDs are a thing of the past, and here at Cass Imaging they are treated the same as 8-track tapes. They are a pain to make and we don't always have them on hand. We offer the purchase of a flash drive at a cheaper price for a reason, it is less work for us to make one for you.

  • What is the difference between purchasing a CD and a Flash Drive?

A CD comes with low resolution JPEG images which are the same as the images that can be downloaded directly from the online gallery. If you take the CD to Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart, Target, etc. to have prints made, they will not be as nice as when ordered directly from the Cass Imaging site.

A Flash Drive comes with two folders, one with low resolution files for emailing and social media, and one folder with high resolution for printing. If taken to Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart, Target, etc the flash drive can be used have prints made with the same quality as if ordered directly from the Cass Imaging site. Flash drives are more convenient and we order them in bulk. You can even re-use your flash drive if you like. You purchased it, its yours.

  • How long is my gallery kept online? 

Your online gallery will be kept for 6 months. At that time an email will be sent informing you that the time has expired, and the gallery will be removed in 1 week. This gives you one week to make any print orders or downloads that you may like to make. If you happen to lose your images, we keep them on file for 1 year. 

  • How long are my images kept on file?

We will keep your images on file for at least 1 year. If space permits it, we will keep it longer but a minimum of 1 year. 

  • Will you be posting my images on social media such as Facebook?

Our contract states that you give us permission to use the images for any advertising purposes such as any social media including Facebook, but we still always ask prior to posting the images whether or not you agree with our choice of images. If you ask, we will allow you to choose which images get posted, but we do like to post something from each photo shoot on Facebook. 

  • Will I be able to post the images on social media such as Facebook?

Once you have your images you can post them wherever you like. We just ask that you please give us credit for them. We don't put watermarks on our images as a favor to our customers, most other photographers do. Since we don't put watermarks on the images, it gives you the ability to do whatever you want with the images, so please help us get more business by letting people know that we took your awesome pics.

  • What do I wear?

A very popular question, and one we get all the time, but one that is extremely hard to answer since we rarely know what to wear ourselves when we roll out of bed in the morning. The best answer to this question is....your favorite outfit! Their your pics, wear what ever outfit that you think looks good. There is no right or wrong outfits, it all comes down to taste.